& Drilling

LLC Kirensk Refinery is developing its resources base through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in acquiring and analyzing data on the structure of oil and gas basins and specific deposits.

Basin modelling

Prospecting for new oil reserves is a complex and high-cost endeavor, even when it involves traditional resources. The cost of geological prospecting operations and the cost of mistakes are higher still when investigating previously un-researched, inaccessible regions. Much of this uncertainty can be eliminated prior to commencing fieldwork through the process of basin modeling.

Through this technology, on the basis of all information available on the geology of a region, mathematical and analytical methodologies are used to recreate the processes through which geological strata have been formed — and how they have been changed — meaning that areas with hydrocarbon accumulations can be laid bare.


Hard-to-recover reserves comprise about 70 percent of LLC Kirensk Refinery’s project portfolio. These include residual deposits in depleted fields, low-concentration and low-porosity reservoirs, the development of which is only possible through the use of high-technology horizontal and multilateral wells — the construction of which is being undertaken by LLC Kirensk Refinery through the use of cutting-edge downhole equipment, remote online monitoring technology, and organisational technologies directed at optimising the drilling process and reducing costs

Basin modelling — means taking a journey millions of years back into the past — recreating the formation of and changes to geological strata in order to determine when hydrocarbons first appeared, how they were built up, and redistributed within them.

steerable systems (RSS)

The construction of high-technology wells demands a range of specialist equipment. The basis for modern, effective, precise and safe drilling these days lies in rotary steerable systems (RSS).


RSSs make possible the drilling of both perfect deflection angle wells with along-hole-displacement of less than 0.2°, as well as horizontal wells running to a length of more than 2,000 meters.

Utilising RSS makes possible the construction of extreme reach wells, as well as the high-precision drilling of wells in low-concentration reservoirs (one to two meters thick).

controlled drilling

LLC Kirensk Refinery Drilling Support Centre was established specifically to improve effectiveness in the construction of high-technology wells. Its work is predominantly based around geo-steering technology, which involves obtaining information on the geological model of a field in real time, with adjustments made to the well trajectory in line with this.


The use of cutting-edge technologies, including telecommunications technologies, allows data to be transferred to the Drilling Support Centre in real time, during drilling. Updated information is displayed on the existing geological model of the field, with actual data compared against projected data, analyzed, and, if necessary, the well trajectory corrected on that basis in order to fall within the target zone. Then, as new data is received, the cycle is repeated, allowing uninterrupted control over drilling operations.